Welcome to Modern Packaging. We are among the leading manufacturers and suppliers of industry packaging materials. We specialize in Air Bubble rolls, pouches, and sheets, EPE rolls, Packaging Tapes, Double-sided Tapes, Industrial Tapes, and Filament Tapes.

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Air Bubble

Top quality, light-weight, highly flexible, and water resistant air bubble products which are the perfect protection for fragile items.

air bubble roll

Air Bubble Roll

air bubble Pouch

Air Bubble Pouch

air bubble sheet modernpackaging

Air Bubble Sheet

EPE foam modernpackaging


Packaging Tape

BOPP Tapes

Wrinkle and shrink proof, environment friendly BOPP Tapes with excellent adhesive properties which serve as a wise choice for packaging of heavy cartons.

printed tape modernpackaging

Customised Printed Self Adhesive Tape

brown tape modernpackaging

Brown Self Adhesive Tape

cello tape modernpackaging

Cello Self Adhesive Tape

Double Side Tapes

Exceptionally adhesive, long-standing, and high-quality double-sided tapes that are perfect for industry uses such as mounting, holding, packaging, bonding, and splicing.

double side red linear tape modernpackaging

Double Side Red Liner Tape

double side tissue  tape modernpackaging

Double Side Tissue Tape

double side foam  tape modernpackaging

Double Side Foam Tape

Industrial Tape

Top-notch industrial tapes manufactured for the industrial purposes such as electrical insulation, thread sealing, masking, etc.

floor marking tape modernpackaging

Floor Marking Tape

Eva tape modernpackaging

Eva Tape

surface protection tape modernpackaging

Surface Protection Tape

Filament Tape

We manufacture specialised mono filamentand cross filament tapes best for closing corrugated fibreboard boxes, bundling items, and reinforcing packages.

mono filament tape modernpackaging

Mono Filament Tape

cross filament tape modernpackaging

Cross Filament Tape

Industrial Packaging Material

In addition to our specialties mentioned above, we also manufacture industrial packaging material such as Stretch Wrap Film and Strapping Roll of uncompromised quality.

stretch wrap film modernpackaging

Stretch Wrap Film

strapping roll modernpackaging

Strapping Roll

vci paper modernpackaging

VCI Paper

vci films and bags modernpackaging

VCI Films and Bags